168 Gum Flat Road, Carey Gully South Australia 5144, Australia
Adelaide Tree Farm




What we sell

Ornamental deciduous trees


We specialise in semi mature deciduous trees ranging in height now from 1-4m, We have a large range Crepe Myrtles, Maples, Ornamental pears and plums, Crab Apples, Gleditsia, Cercis, Liquidambar, Ash, Birch, Magnolia & many more. Please see our pricelist for current stock or get in contact if there is something you would like us to find!  

Evergreen trees


We have a smaller range of evergreen trees including Cupaniopsis (Tuckeroo), Fraxinus Grifithii (Evergreen Ash), Brachychiton, Hymenosporum (Native Frangipani), Tristianopsis (Water Gum), Magnolia Grandiflora and Ficus Hillii Flash. 

Fruit trees


We sell a small range of bagged fruit trees from our local Balhannah Nurseries. Bagged fruit trees have a good established root system and can be planted throughout the winter - in time to blossom in spring! Bags are 23cm in diameter (unless noted otherwise) and trees vary in size from 1-2m high. We usually stock apples, plums, apricots, peaches, nectarines and figs. 

Citrus trees


Due to overwhelming demand we now stock citrus trees: Dwarf & regular Eureka, Meyer Lemon, Dwarf and regular Tahitian Lime, Dwarf Washington Navel orange, Seedless Valencia Orange. More varieties coming late summer. 

Hedging plants


We stock a range of evergeen hedging plants to complete your garden! Popular choices are Photinia, Viburnum, Lilly Pilly, Raphiolepsis, Japanese Box, Magnolia Grandiflora and Murraya. We can do special orders for other plants and large orders - just ask.

Extra stuff


We sell a range of stuff you might need when preparing your soil and planting including: organic compost, mulch, seaweed solution, fertiliser, tree stakes, watering pipe and more.