Delivery is available

We can deliver your trees to the Adelaide Hills or metro Adelaide.

We charge $60 per hour (min charge $30/30mins) - we work out the cost by seeing how long it takes to drive to and from your 

place back to the farm. However when trees have leaves or flowers on them we cannot drive at 80-100km/ph on the freeway 

or we will damage the trees (as we only have the ute not a truck/van) - so we drive a bit slower.

We will do our best to wrap the trees when possible and we won't deliver when it's really hot.  

Need planting help?

If you need physical help planting your tree please ask for details as we offer a delivery and planting service. Otherwise we have a detailed How to Plant guide to download below. 

Special order deliveries

If we order something for you quite often the supplier is able to deliver direct to you, this is great for high volume and large tree orders.  $30 -$75


Please download our 'HOW TO PLANT' guide below

We really want you to give your tree the best care and attention while it is establishing a strong root system.

How to plant guide APR19 (pdf)